Strengthen your bond with parents with our
uninterrupted communication services

Communication, which plays a key role in the efficient management of any organization, must be speedy, straightforward, and transparent. One of the basic, as well as the most important requirements of any school, is to have a reliable, compatible, and secured communication channel. In today's era, a connected school mobile app has become a necessity for all the educational institutions so that they get in contact with their faculties and parents and inform them about updates. Embrate provides an interactive and easy to use mobile app that covers the complete academic cycle of all the students.
The software allows users to send custom SMSs, emails, or push notifications to initiate fee reminders, function invitations, result cards, etc to stay connected with parents. Through such effective communication, a strong school-parent bond can be built.
For parents, school ERP software keeps them stay updated with how their ward is performing. Whether they want to track their child’s attendance, or view homework and report cards, a school ERP allows it all, making it easier for parents to take necessary steps whenever required. This, in turn, helps in the holistic development of their ward.