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    This module allows you to create users and maintain their permissions. Any number of users can be created with required permissions which will determine their module accessibility and the ability to perform any action. These permissions can be modified by admin anytime as and when required. Read More
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    Our staff management module helps in managing employee records with the option to customize fields & attaching documents if required. Employees can be categorized according to their departments and designations. This module also allows maintaining the database of potential job candidates for the institute. Read More
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    A communication hub that enables instant data accessibility, communication across web-powered and android devices between parents, students & staff. Ensure timely communication of important updates with a suite of SMSs, emails & in-app notifications. Read More
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    Important notices can be posted by the institution authorities to staff, students, parents, or any other specific group. Notices can include images, files, schedules, etc as an attachment. Priority notices can be pinned to gain additional focus. Separate bulletin boards can be maintained for students, teachers and parents. Read More
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    To ensure accountability and transparency every change that is made by any user is tracked and made available in the activity logs. This helps in identifying the defaulters indulging in any malicious activities, thus enhancing the integrity of the system. Read More
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    Live dashboard allows quick analysis of data through intuitive graphs & charts along with role-based daily highlights to keep you up to date. Embrate offers a wide-array of data reports across all its modules as well as allows you to export the data for deeper analysis. Read More

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