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Real-Time GPS tracking systems
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School Bus GPS Tracking is to provide a high-tech solution to the parents to track the movement of the school bus; dropping and picking up the child, to and from the school premises. This system does not necessarily require any device to be installed on a school bus; it can function using the GPS signals of the driver's mobile phone.
  • Real-time updates: Our school bus tracking app generates absolute transparency between parents and the school administration. You can learn information regarding the routes taken by the buses and get location updates in real-time.
  • Administration & Analytics: School administration can have a streamlined process by deploying Embrateโ€™s school bus GPS tracking system. Get regular health reports, idling alerts, maintenance updates, and other school bus information that will enable you to implement a secure, reliable, and economic transportation system for school.
Child security is paramount for parents, as well as for the school; with Embrateโ€™s GPS tracking system, school authorities can create a safer environment for the students by keeping an eye on the drivers, the buses, and their entire operations.

Benefits of Embrateโ€™s GPS Tracking System

Ensure the safety of your school buses, as they carry students around the city. Utilize Embrateโ€™s School Bus Tracking system to protect and monitor school buses for seamless administration.
Our solution ensures that no student data is compromised. Encrypted data transmission certifies that the information is available to school authorities and parents only.
Get a diagnosis, mileage, and health report of your school bus fleet so that you can worry less about its well-being and focus more on student welfare and optimum school administration.
Embrateโ€™s GPS tracking system can help you save on fuel expenditure and other operational costs. Keeping a track of location, overspeeding and idling time can help you save big on the fuel charge.

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