A complete solution to ease out your
every step in school management

A school Enterprise Resource Planning software is a set of programs, specially designed to manage all the administrative tasks in an effective manner. It reduces the use of pen and paper by handling all the tedious tasks in an automated manner.
ERP software acts as a central dashboard where all the stakeholders like management, principal, teachers, and parents can access all the information anytime, anywhere. With this software, teachers get to spend more time on teaching and studentsโ€™ progress, parents stay updated with their wardโ€™s performance, the principal can easily manage all the intricate and time-taking administrative tasks, management can monitor every single action being performed related to the school, thereby benefiting the institution in entirety.
Right from managing attendance to online fee payment, a comprehensive school ERP lets you do it all. The idea is to streamline the functioning of the school; thus improving the quality of education being imparted. Powered with modern-day technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, and data analytics, it ensures absolute security, backup, and recovery of data. Management can restrict access to sensitive data as the ERP provides role-based access to the users.
One of the most remarkable benefits of a school ERP software is that it saves a lot of time involved in managing massive data and information. This further helps teachers and administrative staff to focus on the other important jobs and work more efficiently. Simply put, all the back-office operations of a school can be taken by school ERP Software.