Learning is not limited to classroom,
we make it available everywhere

Embrateโ€™s Digital Learning is a platform that allows educators to create online classes whereby they can store the course materials online; manage assignments, quizzes, and exams; monitor due dates; grade results and provide students with feedback all in one place. This platform makes learning more interesting and interactive for students as lessons can be personalized for each learner.
The Digital learning platform delivers learning experiences that enable students to actively engage with educational content. Online resources and material stored digitally are always at the fingertips of the students helping them to build a sequential flow of any topic, thereby enhancing their understanding in a tremendous way.
Embrate allows students not only to learn from their teachers but also from other students. Discussion forum provides an open platform for all to promote collaborative exploration, critical thinking, and hence foster deeper understanding among students towards the subject matter. It helps students to get all their queries cleared directly by the teachers so that their learning is never delayed. Students become independent and responsible by viewing and submitting assignments and hence monitor their progress in real-time.