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    The portal is designed to give an insight into all the activities of an institute. The personalized dashboard gives a statistical analysis of the performance of different departments. This helps in improved decision making & better resource allocation, thus enhancing efficiency. Read More
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    Staff can see their daily schedules, personal information, leaves, attendance, salary, etc in the portal. Staff can use the authorised modules to analyse the information of their domain e.g. teaching staff can analyze how their students are performing, the accounting staff can check the financial flow of the institution and so on. Read More
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    Allows students to monitor their own progress, set self assessment goals, access homework & assignments, examination schedules and library eBooks. The discussion forum encourages students to actively engage in collaborative exploration with other students on various subject matters. Read More
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    The parent portal provides key features that enable parents to easily track their child’s progress from attendance to examinations. Keep parents updated with school news, fee schedule, course progress, school events, and more through the school management portal. Read More

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