Biometric Attendance System


Fully compatible end to end integration
of Biometric System

Biometric Attendance Systems are smart devices that record the working days, in-time, and out-time of all the students and employees. Manual attendance systems can easily be manipulated through proxy attendance that can never be tracked. Instead of using traditional methods of identification such as ID cards, PIN numbers, and passwords โ€“ which can be easily hacked, a biometric system uses unique fingerprints of a person to identify them and mark their attendance. Thus, a Biometric Attendance System can be used as a foolproof identification system and an authentication system.
In every classroom across the world, teachers spend around ten minutes of their teaching time in managing the attendance of the students. This includes taking attendance and keeping a record of the absentees as well as the latecomers.
However, the use of a Biometric System makes this process a lot easier and faster. Students can simply scan their fingerprints when entering and leaving the school or the classroom and the system will automatically take care of various details such as attendance, late coming, leaving early, half days, etc.

Benefits of Embrateโ€™s Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance system eliminates paperwork, calculations, and procedures associated with the traditional methods. Such a system ensures effortless tracking of student or staff attendance.
Biometric Attendance system uses unique traits of every individual to mark their attendance hence there is no possibility of manipulation. Only the person in physical presence can mark their attendance.
Accurate reports can be generated in a single click with the use of a Biometric system as it easily manages Attendance, Holidays, Leaves, Overtimes, and shifts.
Through the automation of the attendance system & report generation, a lot of valuable time can be saved. It also helps in the proper utilization of resources, in turn saving a lot of money.

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